Moments before Thomas More was martyred on July 6, 1535, he declared:

                                                      "I die the king's good servant, but God's first."

Standing upon the scaffold, he was confident in his following of Christ and knew he had done everything in
his power to ensure justice. It is in the spirit of St. Thomas More that we strive to practice law in accordance
with our Catholic faith, remembering that "in Christ Jesus the life-giving law of the Spirit has set you free
from the law of sin and death." (Romans 8:2).
                                                                                                      Our Mission 
To foster and promote high ethical and moral principles, the pursuit of truth in the legal profession, and the administration of justice generally and in the community of Catholic lawyers, judges and legal associates.

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2019 Red Mass & St. Thomas More Medals
On October 6, 2019, our Eighteenth Annual Red Mass was held at St. Michaels Cathedral in Springfield, Massachusetts. Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski presented our five outstanding honorees with the Saint Thomas More Medal. 
         Congratulations To All Of The 2019 Honorees:





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The Lawyer’s Prayer

                                 Small Yellow Cross

Thomas More, counsellor of law and statesman of integrity, merry martyr and most human of saints:

Pray that, for the glory of God and in the pursuit of His justice, I may be trustworthy with confidences, keen in study, accurate in analysis, correct in conclusion, able in argument, loyal to clients, honest with all, courteous to adversaries, ever attentive to conscience.

Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my clients’ tales. Read with me in my library and stand always beside me so that today I shall not, to win a point, lose my soul.

Pray that my family may find in me what yours found in you: friendship and courage, cheerfulness and charity, diligence in duties, counsel in adversity, patience in pain—their good servant, and God’s first. 

Prayer for Good Humor

                                 Small Yellow Cross

Grant me oh Lord, good digestion,
and also something to digest. Grant me a healthy body, and the necessary good humor to maintain it. Grant me a simple soul that knows to treasure all that is good and that doesn’t frighten easily at the sight of evil, but rather finds the means to put things back in their place.

Give me a soul that knows not boredom,
grumbles, sighs, and laments, nor excess of stress, because of that obstructing thing called “I.”

Grant me O Lord, a good sense of humor. Allow me the grace to be able to take a joke
to discover in life a bit of joy, and to be able to share it with others.

… St. Thomas More, Pray for Us …