St. Thomas More Society


2013 Dues Notice


Dear Members,


Thank you for your participation and interest in the St. Thomas More Society.  As you may know, dues are $25.00 annually.  Additionally, we would like to update our email list, so we ask you to complete this form with your current information.  Please make your dues check payable to the St. Thomas More Society, and send the check and this form to:


                             Attorney William F. Kern, Treasurer

                             Fratar, Kern & Kelly

                             1441 Main Street, Suite 630

                             Springfield, MA 01103


We welcome your participation in our group and your support of our mission. You may visit our website at for more information.  Please contact Attorney Kern at (413) 734-3119 or Attorney Thomas E. Day, Egan, Flanagan and Cohen, P.C. at (413) 737-0260 with any questions.





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Dues Enclosed                                                   


Additional Contribution to the

Hon. Kent B. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund                                  ________________