Attorney Richard Morrissey


"The essence of Richard Morrissey is his integrity, good humor and nobility.  When you ask members of the next generation of Morrisseys for their thoughts the answer comes back adding – “What a nice guy”"

Words of recognition spoken upon his being

Presented with the Saint Thomas More Medal

By Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell on September 29, 2013 


Attorney Morrissey was raised in Westfield where he attended area parochial schools.  He completed undergraduate studies at Salem State College and his law studies at Western New England College (now University) School of Law.  He was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1976.

Dick Morrissey spent thirty-seven years of his law career as a clerk/magistrate, retiring in 2009 as the 1st Assistant Clerk/Magistrate of the Springfield District Court.  Over the years, Attorney Morrissey came to be recognized and respected for his proficiency in civil law and procedure and has conducted seminars on the handling of small claims, summary process, mental health issues, civil motor vehicle hearings, and search warrants, not only for the Trial Court but also for local and state agencies as well as the Hampden County Bar Association.  For Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Inc., Attorney Morrissey authored its manual entitled “How To Handle A Civil Motor Vehicle Hearing”.  As a clerk/magistrate of the District Court, he was assigned from time to time in any one of the courts in the four western counties to hear cases in which the local clerk magistrate had a conflict.  Dick Morrissey’s proficiency in law and civil procedure is exceeded only by his character and bearing.  As one long-time Springfield trial attorney stated it – “Dick Morrissey brought honesty, patience, humanity, and deep sense of morality into his dealings with people as a District Court magistrate”.

Since his retirement from the District Court, Attorney Morrissey has been in private practice where he concentrates in business law, civil matters, employment law, personal injury law, arbitration and mediation.

There is yet another side of Dick Morrissey but you have to ask others to learn about it.  There is Dick Morrissey the lawyer who gives of his time and talent as a board member of The Gray House in Springfield and of Homework House in Holyoke, both of which are community outreach ministries of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Springfield.  It’s also not beneath him to wait on table at a spaghetti supper to benefit Gray House. Previously, Attorney Morrissey served as a board member of the Mont Marie Early Childhood Center during its years of operation by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  He is currently a member of the board of directors of the Hampden County Bar Association.

Dick Morrissey and his wife, Pamela, are the parents of three grown children and are members of Sacred Hearth Parish in Springfield.